Let Us Pray!

A small collection of prayers to the Lord and His Saints.

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus


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I. Prayers to the Lord

1. To the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

2. To the divine Infant Jesus

3. To the Lord at the Column of Flagellation

4. To the good Jesus.

5. For the beatification of venerable servants of God

a) S. o. G. Charles of Austria
b) S. o. G. Pius XII.
c) S. o. G. Clement Augustus Card. Count of Galen
d) S. o. G. Nicola D'Onofrio

II. Prayers to the Saints

1. To the Mother of God

To Mary, the Queen of May

2. To other Saints

To blessed Bernard Lichtenberg


By Gregor Kollmorgen.
The background image is taken from the binding of the 1943 edition of the Roman Breviary printed by Fr. Pustet.